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Liliana Dvorianova

Liliana Dvorianova is an artist, illustrator, writer, philosopher, photographer, and graphic designer living in Sofia, Bulgaria. Dvorianova graduated from the Faculty of Preschool and Primary School Education in 2009 with a PhD in the Art Methodologies. She also received her Master of Arts degree in 2008 in Graphic Design at the New Bulgarian University. 


Dvorianova works in conceptual art and views the work of art itself as the entry point for the viewer, rather than the end in and of itself. In each piece, she layers many meanings and ideas, in which she aims to engage the viewer and offer them numerous avenues in which to interpret them. Rather than presenting ideas directly to the viewer, she chooses to embed her works with mystery and complexity.       


Dvorianova practices digital photography and digital manipulation in her photographic works, so as to create the exact image that she envisions for a piece. She is interested in transformations of identity, often using herself as the subject. Furthermore, Dvorianova seizes the opportunity to view herself from an outside perspective when depicting herself in her works. She also likes to allow room for chance when creating her works and incorporates found objects in her works. 

For any inquiries regarding the purchase of work by Dvorianova, please contact the gallery directly at

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