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Black C Art is a gallery and performance space featuring the work of dancer, photographer, and visual artist, Ani Collier, along with select guest artists.

The name Black C is a play on words. Ani is originally from Bulgaria, where the Black Sea runs along the Eastern side of the country. The letter C is also a nod to her last name, Collier.  


Black C Art serves as both a gallery and a vibrant cultural hub in Downtown Gainesville. As a gallery, it unveils a fresh exhibition every month, synchronizing with lively Art Walks held on the last Friday of each month. These Art Walks are dynamic showcases of visual art, live performances, and diverse artistic events.

When occupied as a performance venue, Black C Art transforms into a space where creativity thrives. Whether it's performances, readings, music, or literature, the space can act as a concert hall or black box theatre to provide a platform for expression and experimentation.

Black C Art cherishes works in progress, welcomes new ideas, and fosters collaboration among like-minded artists.

For more information on current exhibitions and upcoming events, visit our website by clicking here

Photo from "Antarctica... The Experience"

Hours & Location

201 SE 2nd Place, Suite 111

Union Street Station

Gainesville, FL  32601


Email for appt. at:

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