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A pig from Alice in Wonderland, pointe shoes from multiple ballets, a Sculpture of Nothing, a head the size of your body, synchronicity in paintings, accolades of a teacher & basketball coach ...

Everyone has a story and something to show for it. 

The Creatives at Black C Art presented installations, sculptures, and the stories behind the art. With artists Ani Collier, Warhol Caldwell, Sara Morsey, Tom Miller, Gregg Jones, and Shamrock McShane.

May Art Walk - 2024

April Art Walk - 2024

Artist Storyteller Stations available to the public.
Engage in the Immersive Art Portal and see what happens. Be curious and enjoy half a glass of wine. Which half, though?

A true collaboration was seen between the creatives at Black C Art who played unexpected roles, yet still created a unified experience. The audience enjoyed the various IAP installations and were immersed in the various stories each portal held.  


 Indulge in the avant-garde as Morine presents two exclusive shows - a contemporary pop extravaganza and an elegant journey through classical classics. Experience the allure of Morine's unseen touch, where music transcends the visible and the invisible becomes a symphony of sensation. Admission is free, so gather your fellow art lovers and immerse yourselves in a night of artistic intrigue and musical mastery. Stunning visual art by Lillana Dvorianova. 

March Art Walk - 2024



February Art Walk - 2024

A once beautiful Antarctic landscape has become polluted with plastic. Despite every effort being made to resolve the situation, the plastic is fragmenting into smaller pieces resulting in polystyrene nanoplastics which can pass through the blood-brain barrier of human beings and other animals. Some of our restoration process is available to see inside Black C Art. 


January Art Walk - 2024

The Creatives in this versatile Downtown space push the boundaries of conventional art. Will you see a gallery show? Independent cinema? Live performance art? Dance? Conceptual Happenings? Will you SEE art, or will you BE art?


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Monday - Friday 10 AM - 3 PM
201 SE 2nd Place, Suite 111

 Gainesville, FL  32601

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