Black C Art Gallery frequently presents the artwork and exhibitions of local and international artists, including photography and artwork from Bulgarian artist and gallery owner, Ani Collier.  Click on the images to learn more about the artists. 

Ani Collier
Ani Collier is a dancer, director, choreographer, photographer, visual and performance artist from Bulgaria. She creates digital collages, fine art photography and also shoots live theatre and dance performances.
Liliana Dvorianova
Liliana Dvorianova is an artist, illustrator, writer, philosopher, photographer, and graphic designer living in Sofia, Bulgaria.
Vassil Dokev
Early in his career, Vassil predominantly worked in theatrical poster design, logo design, and scenography. In the later part of his life, Dokev explored Bulgarian symbolic folklore, which inspired him to create abstract paintings and folklore-inspired jewelry and costumes.
Nancy Reyes
From a very young age, Reyes has worked in both the visual arts and in photography. A self-taught artist, Reyes utilizes her technical knowledge as an architect to her advantage -- filling her works with stained glass windows, bars, arches, and columns, which are hallmarks of her style. Other trademarks include her use of vivid colors, black lines, and visible brushstrokes.
Lennie Kesl
Lennie Kesl is a renowned artist who worked for many years as an art professor in Gainesville, Florida. Known for his distinctive, colorful style, Kesl's work included paintings, sculptures, collages, and ceramics. He received countless awards and exhibited at many institutions throughout the United States during his prolific career.
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