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I love to dance. I studied ballet behind the Iron Curtain in Bulgaria, and arrived in the States a few months after the Berlin Wall came down.


I performed on stage as a dancer for many years before photography and the visual arts captured my interest. 


Ballet remains my first love, but now I try to dance with my pictures. Dance is so ethereal, a moment in time.  Exactly what a photograph can be...

Photo Credit: Svetoslav Nikolov 

Photo Credit: Suzanna Mars

I am a prismatic raconteur. I am a teller of tales which are filled with vivid imagery. My work has been called dangerous, cautionary, provoking and deliciously funny. The Theatre. My one true love. 


I love to mix words with movement, shape the body for alternate expression and stir emotions that stem purely from the human skeleton.


I am a constant student. I have stood on the shoulders of giants and saturated myself with a style that is solely unique to my own work. I am an Artist.  


“The human spirit is strong, sometimes broken, often in despair, and always spiritually rich. Art must follow the path of unbridled revelation to reflect such spirit and force.”

Lauren Warhol Caldwell

Artistic Consultant

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