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Nov/Dec Art Walk - 2023

Mystery Retrospective ...


AN EXPERIENCE? ALWAYS! perhaps even a performance!



Enter at your own peril, pleasure, 

enjoy a glass of wine, and leave. 


October Art Walk - 2023

ANTARCTICA CONTINUED ... So much plastic! The penguins are doing their best. Our workers have managed to bag up some of the plastic but things are still looking bleak at the bottom of the Earth. We know we must do better. Photo Collage by Ani Collier. Atmospherics designed by Ani Collier and Tom Miller. An multi-media sensory experience. 

September Art Walk - 2023

ANTARCTICA CONTINUED ... More plastic has reached the formerly pristine environment of Antarctica. Workers do their best to clean things up, but the rise in temperature makes things difficult. Photo exhibit by Ani Collier, atmospherics designed by Ani Collier and Tom Miller. A multi-media sensory experience.

August Art Walk - 2023

PENGUINS IN ANTARCTICA - An immersive experience featuring Photo Collage by Ani Collier and atmospherics designed by Ani Collier and Tom Miller. A multi-media sensory experience.


July Art Walk - 2023

ICONCOCTIONS - The Fabulous Doodles of Lorelei Esser - a Tribute Currated by V. Jane Windsor. Featuring a slide show and framed prints.

June Art Walk - 2023

FLAMINGO IN THE CITY - Digital Collage by Ani Collier. Life continues in the steel structures of NYC as a lone Flamingo struts her stuff.

May Art Walk - 2023

VAUDEVILLE - a "Happening" at Black C Art - In the spirit of 1960s "Happenings" in the East Village of New York City, we invite you to become art. The Creatives at Black C Art present artistry, music, scenes and spectacles. With Warhol Caldwell, Ani Collier, Gregg Jones, Shamrock McShane, Tom Miller, & Sara Morsey. Watch, listen, react, and engage. And as always, "Expect the Unexpected."

April Art Walk - 2023

CACOPHANY - The Creatives at Black C Art invite you into a space filled with sights and sounds that vary depending on where you stand, and what you bring to the experience. Can you find inner stillness in a world filled with constant stimuli? Composed by Ani Collier, Lauren Warhol Caldwell, and Tom Miller.

March Art Walk - 2023

THE COUNTDOWN - An immersive experience featuring art, projection, and sounscapes in black & white designed by Ani Collier & Tom Miller. The countdown begins at 7 p.m. What happens when it concludes? Expect the unexpected.



February Art Walk - 2023

inner=outer - Works by Tom Miller & Celino Dimitroff

Tom Miller is an American Performance Artist. Celino is a Gainesville-based artist painting abstract imagery and creating illuminated lamp sculptures from found objects. This show included a presentation of Tom Miller's independent film, Nothing, and a short retrospective of Celino's artworks from Mirador Studios.


January Art Walk - First of 2023

"Lily at Black C Art"

Illustrations and paintings by Lilyana Dvoryanova. 

Lilyana Dvorianova is a Bulgarian painter invited for a month-long residency at Black C Art. She is a visual artist whose work spans several mediums including digital art, graphics, illustration, and conceptual forms. For January Art Walk at Black C Art, she will exhibit the new work created during her residency with us, and will also present digital prints from her last solo exhibition in Bulgaria.


Nov/Dec Year-End Art Walk 2022

"Princess Flowers or The Art of the Tutu"

Hand-Made Tutus by Chris Takashima and Digital Dance Collages by Ani Collier

Step into our flower garden / dance studio - an immersive experience in which dance, dreams, flowers and music come together to delight the eyes and provoke the senses.


October Art Walk - 2022:

"What Happened To Johnny?"

An interactive immersive installation experience in store. We hope you'll join us from 7 P.M. to ? Hopefully, you can explain to us whatever happened to Johnny, 'cause we're not sure. Digital Collages by Ani Collier, Paintings by Sara Morsey, and more. "Expect the Unexpected."

September Art Walk 2022: 

"New York On Our Minds!"

Feel as if you have stepped into the black & white cinema of yesteryear where music paints your soul with color and Manhattan is more than a Manhattan cocktail with a big beautiful red Maraschino cherry. An immersive art installation.

Featuring special guest artist, Sara Morsey, Digital Collages by Ani Collier.

Conceived by Ani Collier & Tom Miller.

August Art Walk 2022:

Digital Collage by Ani Collier & Paintings by special guest, Sara Morsey.

July Art Walk 2022

"A Conjured Journey" Theme: Christmas in July!

Through the lens of artist Ani Collier, we experience the creative marriage

between imagery, imagination and structure. Thereby, the ordinary becomes

profound. Ani’s digital collage studies, presented on metal canvasses, evoke

the architecture of the human soul.

Featuring Special Guest, Sara Morsey.

Curated by Lauren Warhol Caldwell and Tom Miller.


June Art Walk 2022: 

"The Weight Of It All"  

Art by Iris Coe-Gross. Freehand Contour Drawing and Freehand Ink Drawing on Couture. 

"I enjoy using freehand and ink as a metaphor for life's twists of fate - no turning

back, no redos, no starting over; the present as it will be." Iris Coe-Gross

May Art Walk 2022:

"Light Dreams"  

Guest Artist Celino Dimitroff.

"A landscape of dreams, an ambience of mystery, celestial lights on the horizon ... "

A collaborative installation featuring works of paper in-process, live and pre-recorded

ambient music by artist Tom Miller, and luminescent sculptures by Celino Dimitroff.

Conceived by the Creators at Black C Art. 

Hosted by Lauren Warhol Caldwell and Tom Miller.


April Art Walk 2022:

"The Good Life" -"Transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary." -

Conceived by Ani Collier, Lauren Warhol Caldwell, and Tom Miller.

Hosted by Lauren Warhol Caldwell and Tom Miller.

March Art Walk 2022:


Digital Collages by Ani Collier.

Featuring live electronic ambient music by Tom Miller " the key of RED".

Hosted by Lauren Warhol Caldwell and Tom Miller.

February Art Walk 2022:

Unveiling of a new art installation featuring invisible piano artist, Morine French.

Conceived by Ani Collier and Tom Miller.


March-April 2021:

"Glacial Waste" by Ani Collier


October-December 2020:

"Viewpoint: Point of View" by Ani Collier

September 2020: 

"Conversation/Emerging/Ascending" by Sara Morsey


December 2019:

"Islands" by Liliana Dvorianova

October - November 2019:

"Form and Fantasy in Search of a Name "by Ani Collier

September 2019: 

"City Blossoms" by Ani Collier

June - August 2019: 

"If Hope was Money, I'd be a Millionaire" by Iris Coe-Gross,

Artist in Residence at Black C Art Gallery

February 2019:

"In Motion..." by Ani Collier


January 2019:  

"New Year, New Happenings" by Ani Collier


December 2018:

"Reds" by Ani Collier

October - November 2018:

"City Visions" by Ani Collier

September 2018:

"Fall for New York" by Ani Collier

August 2018:

"Mostly Orange & Upside Down" by Ani Collier

July 2018:

"Umwelt" performance series by Nichole Hamilton,

Summer Artist in Residence

May - June 2018:

"Antarctica" by Ani Collier

April - May 2018:

"Kids in Focus" by first through fifth graders of Brentwood School, an annual exhibit

March 2018:

"Cuba" by Ani Collier and Nancy Reyes



December 2017: 

"Winter in NYC" by Ani Collier

October - November 2017:

"Shape and Shadow" by Ani Collier

August - September 2017:

"Converging Perspectives: NYC" by Ani Collier

May - July 2017:

Lennie Kesl: A Birthday Celebration

April 2017:

"Kids in Focus" by first through fifth graders of Brentwood School, an annual exhibit

March 2017:

"Spring: Abstract Blooms "by Ani Collier

February 2017:

"The Prairie and the City" by Ani Collier



October 2016

"Circle of Life" by Vassil Dokev

August - September 2016:

"Collier and Dvorianova" by Liliana Dvorianova and Ani Collier

June - July 2016:

"20 Months of Life" by Iris Coe Gross,

Summer Artist in Residence at Black C Art Gallery

April - May 2016: 

"Kids in Focus" by first through fifth graders of Brentwood School

February - March 2016: 

"Circles of Dance "by Colleen Rand

January - February 2016: 

"Cityscapes" by Ani Collier


October 2015: 

"Horeia' by Liliana Dvorianova 

September 2015:

An exhibit of recent work by Marco Razo 

August 2015: 

"To the End of Our Road and Back" by Justine Vaughen Fry

July 2015:

"Untitled" by Jasmine Lantinen

June 2015: 

"I Love NY" by Sara Morsey

May 2015:

An exhibit of recent work by Ani Collier

Pre - Opening:

An exhibit of recent work by Kana Handel

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