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Vassil Dokev

Vassil Dokev (May 22,1938- June 23,2017) was born in Sofia,Bulgaria. Dokev graduated from the National Academy of the Arts in 1972 with a visual arts degree. While at the Academy, he studied under one of the most famous Bulgarian artists of that time: Alexander Poplilov.

Early in his career, he predominantly worked in theatrical poster design, logo design, and scenography. In the later part of his life, Dokev explored Bulgarian symbolic folklore, which inspired him to create abstract paintings and folklore-inspired jewelry and costumes.

Dokev's works have been shown in more than 60 countries worldwide. He participated in and organized exhibits in galleries throughout Europe including Sofia, Warsaw, Prague, Athens, Moscow, London, Bratislava, Ulan Bator, Geneva, Montreux, and Brussels. Dokev is also the founder of the first private gallery in Sofia after the fall of the Berlin Wall, where he exhibited numerous artists from Bulgaria and abroad. Today, Vassil Dokev is regarded as one of the most prominent Bulgarian artists who depicted folklore by utilizing visual symbolism.


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