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What do audience members say about THE STRONGER

"An opportunity for just you alone, or you and a guest, maybe three if you're lucky but that's it. To enter into this shared space, safely, enjoy some tea and be welcomed to wonder, to marvel at the foundational magic of storytelling, and then to share your voice with the voice of theatre itself, this is what Black C Art Gallery and its multi-talented muses challenge you to experience." Full review here:

— Tom Miller



"Killer performances by Ani Collier and Sara Morsey. It has drama, music, dancing, and a shot drinking contest between two female archetypes. In order to maintain distance, Black C is doing "Tea for Two," shows for an audience of two." 

 — Chuck and Amy Lynn Martin



“It was one of the most unique and delightful times I've ever experienced at a performance. To find a totally safe environment and circumstance to witness live theatre in these times was pure joy. The show is only about half an hour but it's full of wonderful, magical moments. Sara and Ani are amazing. Sorry if this sounds like an infomercial, just my endorsement of the healing power of art. Please see this show, for yourself, and to support live theatre in our town.”

— Gregg Jones



"Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a command performance? To be the only person in the audience, no distractions, the world reduced to just you and the performers on stage? It was wonderful! The setting at Black C Art Gallery was spare but effective, the performances compelling, the light and sound perfectly matched to the work. And it was live performance in the midst of a pandemic! Go, support local art and theater, and enjoy." 

 Dr. Charles Hobson

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