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Nancy Reyes

In 1978, Nancy Reyes graduated from the Higher Polytechnic Institute of Architecture in Havana.

From a very young age, Reyes has worked in both the visual arts and in photography. A self-taught artist, Reyes utilizes her technical knowledge as an architect to her advantage -- filling her works with stained glass windows, bars, arches, and columns, which are hallmarks of her style. Other trademarks include her use of vivid colors, black lines, and visible brushstrokes. 

Reyes has been a member of the Cuban Association of Artisans and Artists since 1988, and is also a member of the Association of the Saiz Brothers within the field of visual arts, the Cuban Fund of the Photographic Image, and the Ibero-American Photography Fund.

Since 1993, Reyes has been working as an independent photographer specializing in ballet photography, theater, dance, architecture, and social issues. Her images have been published in a variety of print and digital media throughout Cuba and Europe. 

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