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Sara and Ani in the stronger.jpg

Sara Morsey and Ani Collier

social-distancing on stage

"The only social outing I've been to in months!! A play for two at Black C Art Gallery.... I was feeling so bourgeois fabulous ya'll! You should do this if you want to surprise someone with an extraordinary night out (socially distanced of course) during the pandemic. Ani, Sara, and Warhol were outstanding! Go! Support the arts!"

— Iris Coe Gross

What do we mean by

"A Social-distanced Event"?

social-distanced audience chairs.jpg

Social-distanced audience chairs

Black C Art Gallery has taken several measures in order to stay in accordance with Covid-19 CDC guidelines and keep audience members safe. Masks are required for entry and safe distancing is honored between all audience members and performers throughout this 30-minute rendition of THE STRONGER.

Social-distanced chairs .jpg

Social-distanced set kept 6-feet apart from the audience

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