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The Journey

THE STRONGER by August Strindberg was first produced at the Black C Art Gallery in the Spring of 2019, and subsequently became part of a larger piece which was performed at the “Etud and Friends” festival in Sofia, Bulgaria.  


In the summer of 2020, the piece was resurrected with full rehearsals in the reworking of the story. This version is now playing at Black C Art Gallery.  


This performance piece is loosely based on Strindberg’s play by the same title. It also includes a beautiful and poetic excerpt by Sylvia Brownrigg entitled “Mistress of Many Moons”. 


Witness an encounter between two women as they wrestle with friendship, betrayal and the search for truth. This production is a unique mixture of text, dance and theatrics that leads to a final subjective outcome.


Channing and I had the pleasure of seeing this beautiful performance. The movement, the music, the dialogue all came together for a delicious treat of art. We want to see it again! These are private performances with two guests for social distancing. You should check it out! We absolutely loved it! Thank you, Warhol!"  

— Lanna Smith

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