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Antarctica. No waste. Last Continent

To experience Antarctica, our southernmost continent and home of the penguins, the white desert covered with magnificent icebergs, and to feel the loud silence disturbed only by the cries of the birds… What a treat to have been able to visit those frozen lands so far away and to bring them back so close to my heart.

What stayed with me is also the 'no waste’ agreement for landings: no snacks, no beverage, no gum…. People can land, look, take photos but leave no trace. If one had to go to the bathroom they had to be zodiac-end back to the boat. Seeing that policy in action I was still struck with the visual destruction, we the people left anyways. We just observed, did nothing intentionally to interfere and we left a mess, a trampling of the beaches… Ani Collier, the artist.

Antarctica is the only continent with no permanent human habitation. The ongoing exhibition at Black C Art Gallery aims to bring back snippets of those feelings of being there. During the interview with WCJB TV20 News, Ani Collier shared her experience traveling to Antarctica which later became an idea for the exhibition. Come witness the beauty and the vastness of the blue, hear the sounds of the icebergs/waste we produce day in and day out. We believe as society moves towards a more eco-friendly community, plastic waste will slowly become a thing of the past. Our hope with this exhibit is to bring global awareness and make one step forward.

We continue to sanitize and clean plastic bottles for our grand opening and performing art events. We encourage our community to donate their plastic bottles in exchange for raffle participation and a chance of winning our signature reusable aluminum water bottles. One full bag of plastic equals one chance. More bags, more chances! Once the exhibition is complete, we will donate all plastic bottles to a recycling facility in order to cut down on the manual labor it takes to recycle all of the bottles that have been used thus far. This exhibit is sure to thrill and delve into your own conscience.

Thank you for listening!


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