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"...there was a Girl,"

ENCORE PERFORMANCE! Due to popular demand, there will be an encore performance of this original performance art piece. “...there was a Girl,” was conceived, written, and directed by Lauren Warhol Caldwell. Three performers will explore the repercussions due to narcissistic trauma. It is written in a lyrical narrative filled with humor and an unexpected turn of events. The story concentrates on the conflict between one woman and one man. However, the tragic essence is certainly not limited to just a man and a woman; this story happens between all sexes and in all categories of life. It happens in the workplace, between friends, inside the family unit, and on the playgrounds in our schools. It is a plague and the plague is a monster. Featured in this performance is Ani Collier as the girl. Ani supports the story with entertaining and haunting movements. She carries us through the thread of the story as the character of the girl faces the possible tragic circumstances of such an encounter.

More details about the event:

  • The piece was written by Lauren Warhol Caldwell with additional writing from Gregg Jones and Ani Collier.

  • There will be 4 performances: May 12-14 at 6pm and May 15 at 2pm.

  • The performance will last approximately 30 minutes.

  • The performance is appropriate for all ages.

  • All seating meets regulations of social distancing. Masks will be required during the event. For more information click here.

  • There will be a short talkback after every performance of the series.

  • Buy tickets here. Thank you!

See you there!

-Black C


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