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Journal Entry

A performance art piece conceived by Sara Morsey, Ani Collier, and Lauren Warhol Caldwell.

This performance will be revisited in 2022! Stay tuned...

About this Event:

A woman has kept a personal journal. However, in looking back, her entries cause her pain, unwanted memories and difficult reminders. Her journal ends up in the hands of another woman who understands the entries all too well. This is when the journey begins.

What lies in the journal? Who is this woman who ends up with the secrets written upon the pages? What finally leads to a reconciliation of the content of the journal?

The story includes text, music, poetry and a lot of movement.

"Tell me who you are,

and what brings you here.

What piece of driftwood do you cling to,

bobbing on the swells, and

How do you imagine the raft or boat

you hope will rescue you someday?"

—excerpt from poem TELL ME by Sandra Belfiore

This piece originally performed:

Thursday, Nov 04, 2021 to Friday, Dec 10, 2021


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