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What's New at Black C Art: Artwalks, Events, and a New Multimedia Strategist

We have exciting updates to share! 

Known for showcasing the work of dancer, photographer, and visual artist Ani Collier, along with the Creative Team, Black C Art continues to thrive as a cultural hub. The gallery unveils fresh monthly exhibitions, ranging from Artwalks and live performances to visual art displays.

In the past few months, two Artwalks, a work in process, a documentary viewing, and a Shakespeare play have premiered in our transformative space. From interactive installations that engage the senses to a performance set in a psychologist’s office, each event has brought a unique blend of creativity and innovation, reflecting the diverse talents of our artists. Here's a closer look at what we've been up to:

April: Immersive Art Portal

On April 26th, The Creatives, including Ani Collier, Lauren Warhol Caldwell, Sara Morsey, Tom Miller, Gregg Jones, and Shamrock McShane, premiered the Immersive Art Portal (I.A.P.). This Artwalk featured Artist Storyteller Stations, inviting the public to immerse themselves in various captivating narratives within each portal. Several works were featured, such as "A Simple Drop," a short film directed by Tom, written by Lauren, and featuring Ani. Also showcased was "Total Death," an excerpt from a bar scene performed and recorded by Tom and Shamrock. Additionally, the exhibition highlighted "Misremembering," a dialogue between Sara and Lauren, and "The Floating Guru" by Gregg. These installations sparked a collaborative endeavor, as Black C Art's Creatives assumed unexpected roles to craft a unified and engaging Artwalk.

May: Show-n-Tell & Shakespeare

May 31st brought Show-n-Tell to Black C Art, featuring a mix of installations, a sculpture, and stories behind art presented by each of The Creatives. Highlights included a pig from “Alice in Wonderland," pointe shoes from multiple ballets, a sculpture of nothing, a head the size of your body, and synchronicity in paintings. Artists Ani Collier, Lauren Warhol Caldwell, Sara Morsey, Tom Miller, Gregg Jones, and Shamrock McShane shared their stories and creations, demonstrating that everyone has a story to tell and something to show for it.

Earlier in the month, Shamrock McShane presented his play, "The Seven Sides of Shakespeare," providing a fresh take on the timeless tale. With Shamrock assuming seven distinct roles, the play unfolded in two parts, and we were fortunate to witness Part 1 in an intimate small-group setting at the gallery. Directed by Tom Miller and influenced by his film of the same title, the play showcased Shakespeare in a raw, unprecedented manner.

June So Far: Viewing Vaklush and Unveiling “Room for Improvement”

June kicked off with a special viewing of the documentary "Vaklush" by Nikolay Vasiley, hosted by Black C Art on June 1st. The film, according to IMBD, “is about the life of one of Bulgaria's most enigmatic personalities, filmed over the course of 20 years. A heretic to the dogmatists, Vaklush defended the rights of the soul and taught that man is a god in development." The screening provided a thought-provoking experience for all attendees, adding a rich layer to the cultural offerings at Black C Art.

On June 5th, Black C Art debuted a work in process titled “Room for Improvement,” featuring Ani Collier, Tom Miller, Lauren Warhol Caldwell, Rose Deiorio, Mattia Imponenti, and Terry Ford. The artists sat in a staged psychologist's office, exploring their well-being through art and music. The performance included a mix of Shakespearean monologues, excerpts from Benjamin Britten's Third Suite for Cello, contemporary conversations, and a bit of dancing. Creativity was unleashed on short notice and in a short format, allowing for spontaneous collaboration and an impromptu performance.

Welcoming Caroline Murray: Multimedia Strategist Intern

Before we conclude our updates, Black C Art would like to introduce you to our new Multimedia Strategist Intern, Caroline Murray.

My name is Caroline Murray, and I am beyond honored to join The Creative Team. This opportunity is a meaningful step in my professional pursuits and a delightful privilege to work alongside Ani. Back in the ‘90s, Ani and my mother, Charlotte Murray, danced together in the Dance Alive National Ballet company. Their connection not only sparked a decades-long friendship but also laid the foundation for my endeavors with Black C Art. Upon moving to Gainesville last fall, I began my sophomore year as an advertising major at The University of Florida. Soon after, I became the Social Media Manager at Dance Alive National Ballet, immersing myself in the world of digital marketing and content creation. In January 2024, I had the opportunity to photograph Ani’s “Portraits III,” and in February, I captured the performance “Why This” at Black C Art. Joining Black C Art as an intern in April has been an exciting step in my career, allowing me to further my passions. As a Multimedia Strategist, I focus on Black C Art’s website development/design, social media management, and occasionally photography. I am committed to enhancing the gallery’s digital presence, ensuring our website, social media, and digital content reflect the vibrant and dynamic nature of Black C Art.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to bring you the best in visual and performance art. We hope you enjoyed hearing from us and look forward to sharing more with you.

-Caroline Murray, Black C Art


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