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Artist in Residence, Nichole Hamilton, is currently installing Black C’s newest exhibit: Umwelt. The exhibit will open July 27th from 7 - 10 pm during Artwalk, and will be available the following Saturday and Sunday from 7 - 8 pm.

Last year Nichole created Fluid, an interactive exhibit exploring gender roles and identity. This year she hopes to embody that same sense of adventure and playfulness, now exploring sound and how it maps one’s world.

The term “umwelt” was created when a German scientist needed a word to describe the way in which organisms navigate the world through senses. Hearing is one tool we as organisms can utilize to help us experience and interact with the world around us. Yet this sense is commonly neglected as we tend to ignore it on a conscious level.

Nichole hopes to bring awareness by taking on her alternate persona, Dr. Prosody, to help guide visitors through a playground of sounds, a harmonic happening, an interactive environment to encourage active listening.

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