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Glacial Waste: Socially-Distanced and Socially-Responsible Exhibit/Event at Black C Gallery

Black C Art Gallery is pleased to announce a new socially-distanced and socially-responsible event that raises awareness about environmental issues such as global warming and plastic waste. The audience will immerse into a fluid of contemporary art and sensual experience. It is a community engagement event where anyone can participate. WE NEED HELP in collecting empty plastic water bottles from people’s households to be sanitized, used for an installation, and delivered to a recycling facility upon completion of the project.

Iryna Kanishcheva at Black C Art Gallery. Photo by: Ani Collier

What makes the gallery unique is the teamwork and open mindness of creatives from a variety of artistic fields. The Owner of the galley, Ani Collier, is a professional dancer, photographer, and visual artist. Besides producing her own projects, Ani curates exhibitions with select guest artists and choreographs dance performance such as recent “PORTRAITS” with Dance Alive National Ballet. The new Gallery Director, Iryna Kanishcheva, is a recent graduate of UF MBA, Warrington College of Business and accomplished public art curator and producer. She is known for many innovative art projects, including 352walls initiative and GNV URBAN ART LLC, mural production company. Also, gallery’s Artistic Consultant, Lauren Caldwell, was the former Artistic Director at the Hippodrome Theatre for over two decades. She resigned in 2019 and is now a freelance actor, director and writer. Lauren holds a BFA in Directing and Design and an MFA in Acting. She is the owner and founder of LEGAL ACTS which provides intensive training for courtroom attorneys.

As many businesses and especially non-profits, the gallery was affected by the pandemic. However, it remains open and actively working on several new and rotating shows/performances. To support physical distancing efforts, the gallery is operating at a limited capacity. During regular hours, people are welcomed to explore permanent and temporary exhibitions in small groups. For performances, seating has been limited up to 4, and special events up to 10. Masks are required at any time. Contact us for more information!

See you there! Be well and Stay safe

-Black C


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