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Kids in Focus

I am thrilled that my students have the opportunity to show work at Black C Art Gallery during Gainesville's Art Walk for the second year in a row. It is so meaningful for students to have their work in the space and sphere of adult artists. Not to mention that I've been hearing about last spring's Kids in Focus exhibit all year long from both parents and their children! Participating as artists in Art Walk also connects younger children and their families to the greater arts community of our city, and lets them know that we value their creativity and their work outside of the school environment.

The art curriculum at Brentwood School focuses on developing skills in a variety of media and techniques -- from painting to printmaking, to wire sculpture, observational drawing, and collage. Students are also learning the language and skills to use when interpreting works from the canon of art history (as well as local and contemporary works) and how to give feedback to classmates in a constructive, positive fashion.

I am so proud to have the chance to work with these students every day and this year's artwork has been such a joy to pull together. Kids in Focus will feature a variety of mediums including:

oil pastel works inspired by the geology and biology of the springs and the photography of John Moran, wire portraits inspired by Alexander Calder, prints made utilizing collagraph and linoleum cut printmaking methods, works in bright chalk pastels inspired by stained-glass, and vibrant tempera-painted portraits.

I have designed the curriculum at Brentwood to engage with the students' interests and have been overjoyed to see how students within each class have shared their own experiences and personality through a variety of media. As you will see, there is nothing cookie-cutter in this exhibit! In closing, I also want to give a huge thank you to Ani and Allison for hosting this exhibit at Black C Art Gallery for a second year.

For students so inspired by and interested in the adult world, this show will be particularly impactful. I urge you to come and see what the young folks in our community are up to!


Art Teacher

Brentwood School

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